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10 May 2012

[FIXED] List of Love Rain Soundtrack / OST .

For those who want to download the songs , i've collected it into my folder in 4shared album . I've made new account as the previous one are blocked . I hate that .

 so here's the list of songs :

 1970 era

1) Tiffany - Because Its You
2) Jang Geun Suk - Love Rain
                           - Love Rain (Piano Ver.)
                           - String Ver.
3) Na Yoon Kwon - Love Is Like Rain
                             - String & Piano ver.
4) S.Jin - The Girl And I
            - The Girl And I (String Ver.)
5) Love Rain OST - Shiny Love

 2012 era 

6) Yozoh - Again and Again
              - Instrumental
              - String Ver.
              - Pang Remix 1 / 2
7) Love Rain OST - Confession
8) Love Rain OST - Milktea
9) Love Rain OST - I Love Rain
10) Love Rain OST - Scatsong 
11) Love Rain OST - Song Of Rain
                              - String Ver.         
13) Love Rain OST - Deee-Lite Theme
14) Love Rain OST - Verden Vil Bedras
15) Bell Band - Inside My Heart
16) Bong Gu - Always Raining
17) Kang Seung Won - Now I Am
18) Kilgu - First Love
19) Seo In Guk - Fate (Like A Fool)

2) Jung Hana SMS Ringtone


Tiffany SNSD

Na Yoon Kwon



  1. Replies
    1. your welcome . spread to other k !

  2. why i cant download it to my Mac :-(

  3. best! tq for sharing dear ^__^

  4. hi, I am so glad you have the OST of Love Rain. But could you please reupload song number 8 I Love Rain? File is not available. Thank you!

    I just started to watch this drama and it is really nice so far. I am at ep 8.

    Thank you!

  5. hi.. thank you for sharing .. but i find song number 8, Love Rain OST - I Love Rain is not downloadable because of violation? Can you please upload again somewhere and share?

  6. hello can you tell me the song name? at ep 13 where joon and hana hold hands at hotel room and the song was playing. thanks for the list ^^

    1. the singer is kilgu - First Love . it's 18 on the tracklist that i've put above .

  7. i'm sorry . those file are blocked by 4shared . i cannot promise u guys anything , but i'll try to reupload .

  8. Thanks for the links dear. <3

  9. Gomapseumnida~ thanks for your share :D nice! especially if the link number 9 (i love rain) can be updated, it'll be nicer (y)

  10. hello, thank you for sharing :-)
    Can you tell me the title of song at ep.6 when the first time Joona and Hanna were eating Kari in restorant. Thank you ^_^
    #wah i'm so late to watch Love rain :'(

  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This has everything ^___^

  12. thnx sweetie!this is very helping! ^.^


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