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24 December 2012

Learn To Read Korean In 5 Minutes !

#nowlisteningto : U-KISS - When Love Stop

I'm currently learning others languange which is hangul , in other name is korean and also japanese . Stage nak studynya . . . fuh ~ . 

First time , i'm like . . what the heck are these alphabets ? Who's the one create this ?.

Later on , i'm started to understand a bit of how its written and so on . Ok without waiting , lets jump into photos below .

A bit confusing right ? it's ok , keep going .

yeah whatever , not helping you pretty much right ?. Photos above just only for the briefing . Trust me , it's whole lot easier if u go through youtube channel .  I'm having the hard time searching for the right source . I mean the real languange teaching . FINALLY ! i've come across this 
channel when i'm started to learn basic japanese .

here some :

Learn Hangul / Korean :

Learn Japanese :

website above are the official teaching . its free and easy to access .

bagi yang nak go through youtube tu . search je kt youtube .
You know what to do .

Some people might thought that i've learn all these things because
of k-pop phenomenon nowadays . But they are totally WRONG
I've always wanted to learn new languange . would'nt it be a lot easier if
you know and understand the conversations around you .

And feel  knowing and understands TV dramas and so on .
hehehe . 

And i thought , after finish learning korean and japanese , 
i want to proceed with the chinese languange . 
As nowadays , most of  the job need you to be fluent in english and 
mandarin . Man , chinese sure will be tough 


Time sure is not enough for me to learn all these new things , 
with i'm currently working after my SPM .
just started to be busy again .
later on i will post about my job .

thank you for reading my post !
Love u all ! :DD

29 May 2012

SNSD Taetiseo sings Banana Potato song ! cute !

Taetiseo @MBC 

yah ! eat my punch !

Bababa babanana 
bababa babanana 
banana ahh potato na ah ah ~
banana ah ah ~
togalino potato ni gani balo bani kano jiga~ 
bababa babanana yo plano hu lapa nono tu ma banana like a nupi talamo 
banana ba baa potato ho hooooo togalino potato ni gani balo bani kano jiga bababa babananaaaaaaaa!

10 May 2012

[FIXED] List of Love Rain Soundtrack / OST .

For those who want to download the songs , i've collected it into my folder in 4shared album . I've made new account as the previous one are blocked . I hate that .

 so here's the list of songs :

 1970 era

1) Tiffany - Because Its You
2) Jang Geun Suk - Love Rain
                           - Love Rain (Piano Ver.)
                           - String Ver.
3) Na Yoon Kwon - Love Is Like Rain
                             - String & Piano ver.
4) S.Jin - The Girl And I
            - The Girl And I (String Ver.)
5) Love Rain OST - Shiny Love

 2012 era 

6) Yozoh - Again and Again
              - Instrumental
              - String Ver.
              - Pang Remix 1 / 2
7) Love Rain OST - Confession
8) Love Rain OST - Milktea
9) Love Rain OST - I Love Rain
10) Love Rain OST - Scatsong 
11) Love Rain OST - Song Of Rain
                              - String Ver.         
13) Love Rain OST - Deee-Lite Theme
14) Love Rain OST - Verden Vil Bedras
15) Bell Band - Inside My Heart
16) Bong Gu - Always Raining
17) Kang Seung Won - Now I Am
18) Kilgu - First Love
19) Seo In Guk - Fate (Like A Fool)

2) Jung Hana SMS Ringtone


Tiffany SNSD

Na Yoon Kwon


14 November 2011

Yoona SNSD and Donghae SUJU = YoonHae ^^

check this out !



but , theres actually lots of proof .
i've found lots of fanmade video ^^
awww ... so sweet .
link above is just a piece , you may found aboundant of them
at youtube . ( just go lah ! no need 4 me to tell u lah ! :DD )

here some of the photos : YoonHae <3

( backstage hug <33 )

Dont know whether this thing is true or not .
just so sweet :BB

13 November 2011

I'm obsesse with these gajets ! wuhuuuu !

i want this 500Gb hard disk , muahahaha
lots to fill in this stuff
( kpop kpop kpop kpop . hehe ^^ )

You better watch out coz im gonna get u no matter what
muahahaha !!! (mental?)

mp5 player 16gb

samsung galaxy s2

12 October 2011

Kim Hyun Joong 2nd Album !


i'm your biggest Henecia !
love u kim hyun joong !


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